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Baby, you're mine ♥

Thursday, June 10, 2010 ♥
i'm back (: ♥ 7:20 AM

OMG , i just saw that i haven't been updating the blog for 2 months.
Sorry for that.
had no time to blog ):
just update: MYE total crap
had holiday intensive , just ended
Today ?
we had chem extra lesson ,
dear ms ferng called Mcdelivery for us.
breakfast from her (WHOORAY).
after class , rush throughout.
headed for iceskating with sharon , huishan, yingxuan , lijun , joanne (:
nice nice enjoy it
met some pretty funny ppl there (:

ice skating pics are on facebook (:

Sunday, March 28, 2010 ♥
Sweet 16! ♥ 3:32 AM

Polarid photos with greendale-rians(:
polarid with relatives
the pink family presents
the hippo corner
thanks to Sharon and Sebas ! wonderful present they got me !
obviously they squat to be the same height! WOW ! waiting or my cake! greendale rians! Adar! deco they did !
my wonderful organiser !
splendid helpers !

although i am not officially 16 ,
but yeah , i had a great birthday party !
and i enjoyed it.
dedicating my thanks to :
DADDY - bbq-ing through out the whole night, forking money for the party.
MUMMY-nice food !
Agus&Vernon- Bbq-ing the food.
Huishan, theresa, adar- great organisers
and for those who come , i cant entertain you. so sorry! too busy!

Friday, March 19, 2010 ♥
Holidays ending real soon (: ♥ 8:43 PM

I shall briefly talk about my holidays:
Mon - Went to school(morning) , head for tuition
Tuesday-kbox with nicole , jess , vivian , darling
Wednesday-School in the morning , pool with jieying&melvin, tuition , mrt-ed to boon keng to collect my bag .
Thursday- Went Lido to watch Alice In the Wonderland 3D, as what roshini said it was quite boring though. But yeah , tyren and kiren suit that kind of show.
Friday- Day out with theresa and Huishan to douby gaut. Bling-ed my phone (: i have a chio phone now ! whooray.

Monday, March 15, 2010 ♥
Early birthday presents (: ♥ 9:10 PM

whooray (:
early birthday presents from mummy and daddy !
mummy got me : mango shorts , mango dress , pyjamas(hahah), care bear mp3 player.
we went to town on sunday, got all for there.
and we had dinner at NUSS.
daddy got me : KATE SPADE coney island stevie (PINK)!
thanks mummy and daddy !
and ya : the biggest gift is .....
argh , hols are fully packed.
i still need to head back for school.
its tiring and i am super lazy.
i just cant wait for friday , theresa darling (:
went to ikea with mummy last night,
cannot get my dressing table ( no nice ones)

Saturday, March 13, 2010 ♥
Camp Success ♥ 5:29 PM

I am back from camp !
is super duper fun.
the first 3 days were talking talking talking,then the next 2 days were walking walking walking.
all of us cried during the talk): , sense of guilt uh.
they 2d1n camp was fun,
we had 3 AWESOME coaches : Pierson , Alicia , Marcus.
whoosay !
we went all over s'pore with just 3 bus ride and 3 mrt rides.
other than that we walked.
and we had chicken rice for dinner ;
but we didnt manage to have macmac for breakfast.
dearest miss yue got us supper. whooray!
throughout the night , i slept 10mins.
all of slept during the bus ride back school. an hour plus journey.
thumbs up !
we did the presentation and we got 2nd ! yay!
theresa say we shall organise a outing once again with the coaches.
so sad , they couldnt join us ):
anyway , e1 had fun with them (:
i am also fed up with the facebook plug in.
i cant do the mass upload ,
can someone help me ?

Monday, March 8, 2010 ♥
SC ♥ 3:31 AM

i was told by putri we will have a sc gathering during march!
gotta squeeze time out.
YAY! by then i hope the sc tee is out!
so we can all wear it !
we missed so much events by not wearing it.
taking far too long , we should received it !
BUT , due to some system problem.
somehow or rather we didnt produce it by jun 2009.
ya that long ? and another date line feb 2010.
funny. this is the first time i ever seen someone handle a tee so long .
coming to almost a year .
make sense?

today i learnt ,
your past does not affect your future.
but it affects the image you had potrayed.
total dissappointment.

Friday, February 26, 2010 ♥
Jogathon + hectic day out /: ♥ 7:03 PM

Jogathon = tiring but fruitful !
Stupid lah , it doesnt felt like a 3.2km lah , it was much much more.
on and off , walk run walk run, stupid scenario happened.
i told them . they felt it random.
toast to 4E1 ! We had 2 champions ! One is Jeslyn , first for sec 4 girls.
And Mr J.tan , first for teachers.
Although , we didnt win the level trophy and came in 3rd.
But we all enjoyed it.
Congrats to 4e4 who got it (:
after jogathon , rush down to tampines mall , jacky tan said class tee was ready.
oh yeah , not bad lah .
while waiting , we went shop shop and bought some misc stuff.
caught a movie after that , Dear John.
it is touching and nice movie !
yup , huishan and i cried ):
after i came back for oz ,
what ever movie i watch they are so sad and...

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